Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mom takes over Ukraine

My mother, in true fashion, decided that she was indeed going to come to Ukraine after all to visit me, and then 4 days later, she was here. 

Paris Airport terminal waiting area

French Stewardess, mom insists she was all MadMen'd out, we'll never know

french toilet, soooo fashionable
Mom's Airplane parked in Paris

Coming down to Kiev, this is the Dniper River

Welcome to Ukraine, well Kiev at least

Taxi ride to the Hotel, yes I look adorable in my traditional blouse and matching headband

Our taxi driver, mom wanted a picture cause she thought he was handsome, and I made sure to tell him that. Our hotel is in the back ground, it's like a cruise ship in the water, but permanently grounded 

Dinner on the ship hotel on the Dniper, so romanitc

Awesome looking architecture in Kiev

Fruit stand in a small bizarre that Anthony Bourdain was in

Same market, by the caviar 

I bought some raspberries from this baba in the street, fun times

It was my friend's birthday, and she was in Kiev for some business, but while she was away from the table we made her a "cup" cake

Angel in Independence square, i think...

More BFFs photo

The founders of Kiev, three brothers and their sister

I really don't remember this angel, i think it's by the Globas mall

St. Michales 

Ministry of......magic?

Mom is kinda pissed, apparently i made her her walk "a mile at a 45 degrees angle"

This is for her friend George

St. Sophia's church across the way, no way mom was walking to that

Monument to one of the great famines of Ukraine

yeah, cause that looks appealing

St. Andrew's

Mom with painter of St. Michael's church

me with painter of a church, all modern and abstract, sort-of

Street bizarre selling souvenirs winding down a long road that really does seem to go on forever

my friend gave us directions, using the baba with the dogs as a landmark, it was not a lie.

Dominos!!!! it tasted like America and freedom

Ahh, back in Gola Pristan, my village. this is a monument to the WWII saliors

It's a tank!

Chernobyl monument 

My village's symbol in fountain form and wood form

the beach

Mom with a kozak, I told her not to sit on him cause i know people pee on his lap...

nom nom

mom- "I want a picture from behind"

me- "you look like poop"

mom- "we should hack into your dad's computer and make this the desk top"

me- "now it looks like you're pooping"

all together now

yes, my mom is picking his nose

love thing, where people put locks with their names when they get married

so much ferociousness

yup, they made this ox realistic, what's that under it's tail...?

milk in a bag, but seriously this is actually my fav milk here

Chipsies!! all flavors, squid, bacon, salo, ham...

my house with all its pretty plants

Jenna! hangin with my mom

This is when we got off the train in Kherson and we climbed up stairs to cross over the tracks, so we needed a break. luckily some young boys helped us with our luggage down the stairs, because clearly we weren't hackin it. 
Welcome to Ukraine